Björn Tactical – The name is new, but the people behind is not.

Over the last 7 years, Björn Tactical has evolved from being a hobby project to being the largest Scandinavian producer of pistol holsters. Björn Tactical has an innovative approach to design and is largely driven by the opportunities we see to deliver the best products on the market.

When you buy a product at Björn Tactical you don’t get a mass-produced product, but instead a piece of craftsmanship. The products are “made to order”, to ensure that quality and product always adhere.

Besides delivering a product of the highest professional standard, Björn Tactical also has a service level that differs from its competitors. Guidance is always part of the buying process, and a purchase is often based on dialogue to ensure that the customer always ends up with the right product.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are your lead times?
A: Most products are 10-14 days before shipping, duty holsters might have longer lead times.

Q: Can I use my light-bearing holster without the tac-light being mounted on the pistol?
A: No, it will not provide any retention to the firearm since the retention point is set to the tac-light.

Q: Will I need to retighten any screws on my holster?
A: Yes, but instead we recommend that you use a thread locker like the Vibra-Tite VC-3, it can be found here.

Q: I lost some of the screws for my holster, are they under warranty?
A: Replacement screws are not under warranty, they can be bought here.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: Only on accessories – All the holsters/Mag Carriers are made to order, and we cannot accept any returns unless it’s a warranty return.

Q: Do you offer discounts to Military or LEO?
A: As things are priced at this moment, I have tried to make all prices as low as possible for all branches, both civilians and armed personnel.